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COVID-19 Moving Out

It is likely that from this week it will be possible for students in England to return to their accommodation to collect their belongings.

Many students left early for Easter and records show that many students have already cleared their rooms of their belonging and handed their keys back to us.

If you are you to move out and hand your keys back then you need to arrange for your rooms to be cleared, cleaned and keys returned before 12pm noon on 30th June 2020. Failing to do so will result in late key return charges being added to your account (a daily rate of £50 as stated in your tenancy agreement)

Please make an appointment to move out…

It is important that the process of returning to clear your rooms is structured to comply with Covid-Secure procedures. It will be important that students and/or parents contact us first to make any collection arrangements. This is to ensure that contact with other residents is minimised.

When you arrive, it is essential to maintain social distancing and ensure that this is maintained both within the flat (where there are visitors) and in foyer, car parking and lift arrangements.

Please be aware that there is no rush and tenants can take their time to collect their things, however we ask that you do this in one morning or afternoon so that we can arrange for other tenants in the building to collect their belongings prior to 30th June as keys will need to be returned by 12pm latest on this day.

Dropping keys to us

As our offices are closed, it is important to let us know when you are clearing your accommodation and returning keys. We will be able to give you instructions on where to leave your keys when you call us to book an appointment. Please contact us for more information on how to get your keys to us on 0116 255 1333

If you have already taken your belongings and do not need to return to the property yet you still have your keys with you these will need to returned to by placing the keys in a jiffy envelope and posted to us via recorded delivery to the address below:-

Leicester Student Lettings
142 Charles Street

Once you have posted it to us please email us to let us know so that we can keep an eye out for it. Please allow enough time for the keys to reach us by 12noon on 30th June 2020 so that you do not incur any late return of key charges. The quicker we receive your keys, the quicker we can inspect your property, the quicker we can release any deposits back to you.

Clean and clear your room

You would have already received an ‘End of tenancy responsibilities’ guide to moving out of your accommodation, this details everything you have to do to avoid unnecessary charges being applied to your account , please read this carefully and ensure steps are being taken to stay safe at all times. This can be found at www.thestudenthive.co.uk/endoftenancy

If you have already left the accommodation and do not intend to return, the cost of packing and storing or disposing belongings will be significant and will be passed on to the tenant (at cost).

Your Journey

Transport will be almost entirely by car and some parents/students will have a long “there and back” drive with only limited opportunities to stop for refreshments and toilet facilities. To those returning, please be aware that there may be a lack of facilities en-route, and please ensure you have enough refreshments for your drive.

Get in touch with a removal company

We have provided the details for a removal company below if you would like to contact them for a quote. We are in no way affiliated with the below company and do not take any liability for loss or damage incurred if using them. You will need to ensure that you can give them access to the building as we will not directly deal with third parties.