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About us

We are a local independent firm specialising in Student, Professional Lettings and Property Management.

As a local independent firm specialising in Student and Professional Lettings, we are committed to managing, high quality student accommodation in a number of locations in the heart of Leicester.

We know that you want modern, yet comfortable surroundings and a place you can really call your own. You want accommodation that is close to your campus, located next to bus and rail links and near to a range of local shops, bars and entertainment.

Why LSL?

We offer a variety of accommodation from studio/ 1 bed flats, shared flats and student houses. We are one of the largest providers of student accommodation in Leicester and all of our properties are within a very close proximity to De Montfort University, Leicester University, Leicester Royal Infirmary and City Centre.

We believe that choosing the right student housing should be easy, so we’re here every step of the way to offer our knowledge and advice when you need it.