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Application Form

Tenancy Application

If you have paid a holding deposit in order to reserve a property or room with us, we just need a little bit of information from you to be able to create your tenancy agreement.

Please fill out the form below. Once we have prepared your tenancy agreement we will email it to you via Docusign for you to sign electronically.



Please note the following points if you are taking a property as a group or an individual:-

  • All tenants must pay their holding deposit within 24hrs of the first holding deposit payment received.
  • All tenant applications forms must be received within 48hrs of the first person paying the holding deposit.
  • Once your tenancy agreement has been emailed to you, this needs to be signed and returned to us within 48hrs.

We reserve the right to put the property back on the market and retain any monies paid if you fail to comply to the above.

Please keep a copy of your driver’s license or passport AND student ID card to hand as you will need to provide these as part of your application.

If you are an International student we will require a copy of your VISA to be emailed to us at info@leicesterstudents.co.uk.

Please click on the option below and fill in the section which applies to you:

UK Student

Contract Length (check appropriate box):

*Guarantor must be a UK Resident and a UK home owner (who’s able to provide 3 months wage slips and proof of home ownership (ie. a deed or mortgage letter) – more information will be sent alongside the guarantor form)

**If you are unable to provide a UK homeowner guarantor, we would recommend you contact Housing Hand using the link https://www.housinghand.co.uk/ who would act as your guarantor for a small fee.

*Please note, as a UK student with a UK guarantor you are required to pay your rent quarterly (3 months in advance)

International Student

*Please note, as an international student you are required to pay your rent 6 monthly or for the full contract period.

Working Professional

Property applying for

ID Upload

Check List

  1. The Tenant has agreed to pay a Holding Deposit equivalent of £1weeks rent for the property they wish to reserve.
  2. The holding deposit will be treated as an advance rental payment becoming due to The Landlord once the tenancy agreement is signed. Upon no tenancy being signed, the holding deposit is non refundable under any circumstances what so ever.
  3. The Tenant understands the “Deadline for Agreement” is 7 days from today.
  4. During the “Deadline for Agreement” period, the Tenant will provide the Agent with;
    1. A complete and signed Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. This will also include proof of The Tenant’s student identification card, driving license or passport and a genuine proof of address (utility bill or bank statement less than 90 days old)
    2. A complete and signed “Guarantee for a Fixed Term”. This will include a photo identification, genuine proof of address, proof of home ownership, 3 months of pay slips and/or bank statements.
  5. The Tenant accepts that in event of non-compliance within the “Deadline for Agreement” The Agent will not refund any monies paid. Non-compliance will consist of one or more of the following where the tenant;
    1. Provides false or misleading information which you can reasonably consider when deciding to let a property – this can include a tenant’s behaviour in providing false or misleading information.
    2. Fails a right to rent check.
    3. The tenant or the guarantor fail a credit check.
    4. Withdraws from a property for any reason whatsoever.
    5. Fails to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement and the landlord or agent takes all reasonable steps to do so.
  6. The tenant understands that Agreements and Guarantees need to be signed electronically and will expire in 2 days resulting in the possibility of returning the property back on the market.
  7. The Guarantor must be UK Homeowner. Please tick box and continue. If you don't have a UK guarantor please get in contact with us to discuss your options. If you proceed without a UK guarantor you will lose any admin fees & deposits paid, and be liable for any other costs in finding a replacement tenant.
  8. Leicester Student Lettings may from time to time share the information received in terms of references with the landlord/owner of the property and any other 3rd party as deemed necessary in the letting of the property.
  9. Booking without physically viewing a property is entirely at your own risk.